Profile: Cardiff Raptors Korfball

Raptors in action.

Raptors in action.

What is Korfball? Besides being a prize-winning answer on Pointless the eight-a-side basketball-netball hybrid is a popular sport in Europe – and more recently, Cardiff.  Each team must consist of four men and four women, and the mixed-gender sport has been popular at University level for some time. Away from the University game, Cardiff City Korfball was set up in 2003, Cardiff Dragons Korfball came along in 2005 and since the summer of 2012, the Cardiff Raptors have provided another outlet for budding korfers in the ‘Diff.

Korfball on pointless.

Korfball on pointless.

The Raptors have 22 players in total, while more than 35 have played for them since they were founded. Player coach Will Hayward and Jo Nash both represented Wales at the 2011 Korfball world championships in China while Nash also went to this year’s European Championships in Portugal. Pat Merton has been selected for Wales but has not yet been capped while Gavin Robbin, Rosie Drummond and Rachel Long have all played in the Welsh development squad.

The Raptors in training.

The Raptors in training.

The Raptors have two teams who both currently play in the Welsh league – where the first team are unbeaten this season. Player Coach Will Hayward said: “We play in the Welsh league but hopefully we will win it and qualify for the Regional league where we will play against teams from all over the South and West of England. This is our third season and hopefully we will be able to add a third team next year.”

“The main thing we are aiming for is participation. So many people joined the club because they are young professionals new to the city so we make sure we have regular socials and go to as many summer tournaments as possible.”

Will Hayward giving some tips.

Will Hayward giving some tips.

Susie Ventris Field, the Raptors’ social media officer, said: “It is honestly a really good way of meeting people. I was quite new to Cardiff, along with many others, and it has been a fantastic way of meeting new people. If anyone from the team has plans to go to see a game, go to a gig or just go for a drink then they will say so in our Facebook group – which is great.”

“Although we are a sociable team we are ambitious as well. Our first team is doing really well and we have some really talented players. Our aim is to be social and welcoming for beginners, but also to accommodate for those who are very good, enabling them to compete at a high level.”

“I have just had a baby and can’t wait to get back playing!”

The Raptors train every Thursday from 8-10pm at the Ysgol Pen y Garth school in Penarth. The first two sessions are free. For more information visit or or follow @RaptorsKorfball

For a more thorough explanation of Korfball, watch this:

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